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Top 21 Recommended Ebooks for Men

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The ebooks linked from this website help make a wimp into a real man, and a man into an even better man. I've devoted untold hours to finding the very best ebooks to help men in their quest for world domination (or at least success with women, money and life).

Forgive all the hype and sales spiel you see when you click some of the ebook links I've selected (you kind of have to do that to get noticed these days), but trust that the ebooks themselves are all hot sellers and hold fantastic information to take control of your world.

Ebooks by Category

Getting Women

Women have always had the luxury of being the choosers in love and sex because, let's face it, men just want it more. The extremely popular ebooks you'll find in this section have been carefully selected because the strategies and techniques they describe will finally let you turn the tables on women and get more into your bed than you ever had before.


Keeping Women

Maybe you really like this girl and want to impress her in bed but your moves just aren't cutting it. Or maybe you like her so much that you have a tendency to get over excited and cross the finish line before she even leaves the starting gate. That's really embarrassing for you and really frustrating for her. To stop her from running on someone elses track, check out these highly popular ebooks. You'll get the clear strategies on how to become a king under the sheets and get summoned back to bed again and again.

Getting Your Ex Back

Oops! Have you pushed things a little far and she's stormed out? Or have you stormed out and had doubts about what you did once your temper cooled down? Or have you've just seen some other guy with his arm around your throw-away ex and it's driving you absoluely crazy? The ebook in this section has some great advice to get that special lady back in your arms and life.


Looking Good

Let's face it - things are a whole lot easier with the ladies if you look good to start and have a lot of confidence in yourself. Remember that women grovel as much for good pecs and abs as we are for shapely legs and breasts. The ebooks in this category are insanely popular and will get you trim, toned and chased by the ladies in no time.

Having a Bet

Sick of losing? Maybe it's time to stop working on gut feel and start betting smarter because the only thing more fun than gambling, is gambling and winning. So if betting is your thing, get a hold of the extremely popular ebook in this section now.



Making Money

Making money is crucial but needn't be as hard as it seems. The ebook in this section is selling like crazy and might just get you onto the front carriage of the money train.




Protecting House and Home

It's a rough world out there and you have to be ready to protect what's yours. If you love the survivalist scene, then you'll get a real buzz out of the ebooks in this category. Download one today.


Making Stuff

This category holds ebooks that'll help you get that "look what I built" male pride feeling that feels so great.



Other Guy Stuff

This category holds other things of interest to us guys. Take a look and see what you find.