What to Know When Buying a Business



Are you considering buying a small business or franchise?  Well you better stop a second and make sure it’s the right choice for you. Even if it is the right choice, you better make sure you go about it the right way or it could take you years to pay off your mistakes.

In this Journey Ebook, Tony Green documents Jason’s learnings over 6 months when he investigated the purchase of a small business in Victoria and talked to numerous business brokers, franchise managers, buying agents, lawyers and accountants.  This concise and easy to read ebook is the result.

Though the book focuses on buying small franchises like café’s, sandwich bars and bake houses, a lot of the information is relevant to buying larger businesses as well:

Topics covered include:

-Is a small business right for me?
-Which franchise should I choose?  
-How much can I expect to earn?
-What are the asking prices of various franchises?
-What are the key figures  to consider?
-What will the current owner actually accept to hand over the keys?
-What big questions do I need to ask before buying?
-How do I make an offer and what’s the best strategy for making it?
-What’s the best way to finance my purchase?
-What do buying agents charge and are they worth it?
-What support team will I need to run the business?
-How do I find good staff?
-How long will it take me to sell my business if it turns out it’s not for me?
-What will it cost me if it turns out it’s not for me?

As well as more general topics like:

-Overall business advantages and disadvantages.
-What are the advantages and disadvantages of a franchise in particular?
-What are the most successful small businesses?

disadvantages of buying a business

For information on these and other useful topics, buy the ebook now for only $99 and remember that it could save you tens of thousands of dollars.

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advantages of a franchise business


advantages and disadvantages of buying a business

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most successful small businesses


The great thing about Journey Ebooks is that Tony finds people who actually got off their couch and did something that many of us only think about doing (like buying a small business, developing a mobile app or moving to the country), and interviews them to find out what they did, how they went about it and everything they learned in the process. There’s no cheaper and less painful way to learn than by analysing other people’s successes and failures, making Journey Ebooks an amazing resource.