Map Maker Tool

For Excel


The GoMakeASplash Map Maker Tool for Excel makes creating Google Maps as easy as copying coordinates into a Microft Excel spreadsheet and hitting a button.

Even mapping points using street addresses is a piece of cake since they can be easily converted to coordinates using a free website we'll direct you to.

It just couldn't be simpler!

Designed for those that don't have the budget for expensive maptools but love the flexibility of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, the GoMakeASplash Map Maker Tool is ideal for mapping 1000 or more points extremely quickly.

Check out the list below to see some of the amazing features of this product and buy your copy today.

If you find that you need the Map Maker Tool to do something that we haven't listed, let us know through our contact page as we may be able to tailor the product to meet your specific needs or look at including the feature you're after in future versions.

The GoMakeASplash Map Maker Tool lets you:

-Create Google Maps with hundreds or even thousands of clickable map markers in seconds
-Color map markers with up to 10 different colors  
-Tag map markers with any letter of the alphabet, the numbers 0 to 9, or a range of characters and words
-Add up to 2 comments to each map marker that pop up when you click the marker
-Change the magnification of maps, zooming right down to see street names or right out to country or world views
-Create emailable web page maps that allow recipients to zoom in and out, or pan around and focus on different areas of the map and beyond
-Create maps on web pages that can be incorporated into your own website and altered to match the look and feel of your site

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Full instructions on how to use the system are contained within the file and as a free bonus, this release includes a tab containing the latitude and longitude points of the centre point of most Australian suburbs.

To take advantage of our introductory pricing below, click the 'Buy Now' button and pay with the security and confidence of the Paypal payment system which lets you pay by Paypal or credit card even if you don't have a Paypal account. You'll then receive an email with a link to download your copy of the GoMakeASplash 'Map Maker Tool" Microsoft Excel Workbook.

Requirements of the system : Microsoft Excel 2007 or later. Internet connection. Free Google API key (link provided). Coordinates in GDA94 format or converted to that format using free online tools we'll direct you to.

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