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Trouble-Free Catalog Maker

For Microsoft Excel

Allows you to create a website catalog of products to sell faster than any other product out there is proud and excited to bring you the absolute easiest online shop builder available today and we're sure you'll be excited about it too when you read about all the benefits it offers.

Rather than go through the difficult and time consuming process of individually building page after page of menus and products for your store, the 'Trouble-Free Catalog Maker' automatically generates all the  pages you need from a simple list of your product's details in Microsoft Excel.

The free version of our catalog maker is perfect for building any online store with 10 sale items or less while the ‘Pro’ version gives you the ability to create ecommerce websites with thousands of products - and both versions let you sell online, accepting credit card payments through Paypal just like many big players.

To use the system, all you need is any locally installed system that can run Microsoft Excel, and if you're not completely happy with your purchase, we'll either fix the problem for you or refund you the full purchase price under our 

Money Back Guarantee!

Build your store with ease and start making real money today !

Key features of the Pro version of the 'Trouble-Free Catalog Maker' are:

-Automatically creates menus and web pages for your store whether you want to sell 2 products, or 500,000 products

-Automatically optimises pages to make them easier for Google and other search engines to find (meaning the products in your store will be easier for your customers to find)

-Automatically includes Paypal 'Add to Cart' and 'View Cart' buttons on each of your store's product pages, making buying from you very easy

-Includes an image enlargement system that automatically zooms in on your products making it easy for your customers to see them 'up close' and

-Can be easily linked from your home page

Get your products organised and easy for your customers to find
 free shopping cart


Click this ecommerce website link to see the demo store we built in less than 10 minutes


Now that you’ve come this far already, you may as well click this free shopping cart ecommerce software link to download the free version of the 'Trouble-Free Catalog Maker’ and try it for yourself


If you’re ready to get serious and join the community of ‘Trouble-Free Catalog Maker Pro’ users, just click the 'Add to Cart' button below to invest in the Pro version and start making money for only $19.99 AUD.
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If you don't want to do ANY of the set up work yourself we can even create and host your store in our marketplace and all you need to do is supply is the product details and images - so click this contact us link for more information today.

Also, if you'd like something a little special added to your store, we can alter the system to your exact specifications at a very reasonable price so drop us an email.

Still not sure?Click here and send some questions our way as we'd love to hear from you.

catalog creator

Create your store today

Introductory offer of only $19.99


For the remainder of this week.

Why buy expensive ecommerce software when you can buy the 'Trouble-Free Catalog Maker' for so little?

Create your own online webstore today and really start making money

Your purchase of the 'Trouble Free Catalog Maker Pro' can be made with the confidence and security of the Paypal payment system without needing a Paypal account. This means that you can buy using credit card, debit card, bank transfer or PayPal in any currency and funds are automatically converted from your local currency for you (using the same system that your customers will be using to buy from you!).

Click the Paypal logo above to see details of the online buyer protection you enjoy when you buy the 'Trouble Free Catalog Maker Pro' or any of our other products from this site.  

Once you finalise your payment you’ll be emailed simple instructions and a zip file containing the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that you'll need to create your ecommerce website, which is identical to the free downloadable version, without the limitation to 10 products. 

Happy selling and thanks to our community for all the support!

Read what members of the 'Trouble-Free Catalog Maker' community have to say about it...

“We’re not super confident with computers so tried a few of the supposedly easy catalogue creating systems and this one was best by far. The automatic page optimisation is amazing and we didn’t see that feature in any of the other products we looked at. We’re already ranking in the top 3 for most of our camping supplies on google and we’re thrilled.” Wendy P. South Australia


“The main thing we were after was simplicity and really fast set up so this was ideal. We had the chance to get a lot of products at a great price and wanted to get a catalog up and running within a day and I don’t think that would have been possible with the other systems we looked at. The automatic optimization was magic and got us listed in the search engines with great positioning for nearly all our products right from the start.” Brian P. Ohio


“Great product and really easy to learn.” Samantha J. Victoria


“We got sick of paying consultants to create and manage our shopping cart so moved to the trouble free catalogue maker and have been really pleased with the results. We were joomla users previously and found the learning curve a real headache. We ended up wasting a lot of time trying to work out the system when we should really have been promoting the website. Would never go back. Thanks.” Wayne and Loretta R. Victoria


“All you need to know is how to type or copy your product details into excel and you’ve got yourself a great little catalog for a very low cost. It paid for itself on the first sale. Thanks.” Jess J. New York.


“Simple to use. Cheap price. Great result. Self optimising. I couldn’t ask for more. Thanks.” George M. Rockhampton Qld.


“Gomakeasplash is the best software publisher I’ve ever dealt with. The catalogue I made with their product worked perfectly but I had a problem uploading it to my internet provider but they were still happy to help me even though the issue was with my provider. Thanks again”. Johnathan R. Victoria.


Click this 'Trouble-Free Catalog Maker' community link to read more of our feedback or share your own experience with the rest of the community by sending us an email at

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We're a small team of Australian programmer/developers lead by Tony Green with a combined 65 years experience in Microsoft Excel, spread sheet development and general IT work. We're
acknowledged experts in Microsoft Excel macro and formula development and have been creating solutions to a vast array of companies from large logistics businesses, to small mom-and-pop operations as part of work we've provided through our established business consulting site.

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