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Trouble-Free Map Maker

For Microsoft Excel

Allows you to create Google Maps with information rich map markers wherever you'd like them in seconds


The Trouble-Free Map Maker is an absolutely free map maker that lets you quickly and easily create map markers on Google maps, straight from a familiar Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

The free version of the map generator allows you to create a map with 8 points, while the Pro version lets you make your own map with thousands of points, just as easily.

Best of all, each map marker you create can be tagged and color coded to add critical information for those who view and use your maps, and map markers are clickable, showing an information bubble of whatever information you'd like, whenever they're clicked!

The Trouble-Free Map Maker is incredibly useful for highlighting locations of stores, customers, suppliers, delivery points and other unique positions with Google map markers, and its then that the color coding and tagging really delivers benefits by giving meaning to each point.  

The system makes it incredibly easy to create waypoints for tracks and routes in minutes, and because it's so quick and easy to use, the map creator is as good for unchanging lists of latitude and longitude points as it is for lists that change frequently.

There's simply no easier interactive map maker and it completely does away with the need to spend hundreds of dollars and learn complex map making systems to make simple maps.

With both the Pro and free versions of the Trouble-Free Map Maker, we also give you a free gift of a list of Australian suburb latitude and longitudes which can be amazingly helpful for many tasks.

Just like other Google maps, the maps you create are interactive and can be panned left, right, up and down, as well as being zoomed in and out.  They even allow you to view satellite image based maps, rather than drawn maps.

Interactive map files can also be emailed to those who need them or hosted on your website, and you don’t need anything to view them other than an internet connection and compatible web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

The Quickest Map Creator Available

Key features of the ‘Trouble-Free Map Maker’ are:

-Create Google Maps with hundreds or even thousands of clickable map markers in seconds (only 8 points available in the free version)

-Color map markers with up to 10 different colors  

-Tag map markers with any letter of the alphabet, the numbers 0 to 9, or a range of characters and words

-Add comments to each map marker that pop up when you click the  marker

-Change the magnification of maps, zooming right down to street names, or right out to country or world view, including both standard maps and satellite images where available

-Make your own map that can be emailed to recipients who can zoom in and out, or pan around and focus on different areas of the map and even beyond the map's boundaries

-Create maps on web pages that can be incorporated into your own website and altered to match the look and feel of your site

map maker




Corporate and site licences also available !









Click this map maker link to see the demo map that we created in under 1 minute


Now that you’ve come this far already, you may as well click this free map maker link to download the free version of the 'Trouble-Free Map Maker’ and try it for yourself


If you’re ready to join the wide community of ‘Trouble-Free Map Maker’ users, just click the 'Add to Cart' button below to invest in the Pro version and start mapping for only $49.99 AUD


So click this Trouble-Free Map Maker link to test the system for yourself absolutely free and put all the power of Google maps at your fingertips.

Alternately, you can buy the Trouble-Free Map Maker Pro for only $49.99 AUD by clicking the 'Add to Cart' button above and enjoy the full power to map thousands of points.

System requirements: Any locally installed system that can run Microsoft Excel.You also need to sign up for a free Google Maps API (instructions included). Note that the system works for Chrome and Firefox browsers ** BUT NOT INTERNET EXPLORER AT THIS STAGE **.

If you're not completely happy with your purchase, we'll either fix the problem for you or refund you the full purchase price under our 

Money-Back Guarantee!

Click here to contact us if you'd like more information today.

Also, if you'd like your maps tailored to your needs in some special way, we may be able to assist at a very reasonable price so drop us an email.

Still not sure?Click here and send some questions our way as we'd love to hear from you.

map creator


Map creator

Introductory offer of only $49.99


For the remainder of this week.

make a map
Why buy expensive mapping software when you can buy the 'Trouble-Free Map Maker' for so little?

how to make a map

Your purchase of the 'Trouble Free Map Maker Pro' can be made with the confidence and security of the Paypal payment system without needing a Paypal account. That means that you can buy using credit card, debit card, bank transfer or PayPal in any currency and funds are automatically converted from your local currency for you.

Click the Paypal logo above to see details of the online buyer protection you enjoy when you buy the Trouble Free Map Maker Pro or any of our other products from this site.  

Once you finalise your payment you’ll be emailed simple instructions and a zip file containing the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that you'll need to create your maps, which is identical to the free downloadable version, without the limitation to 8 map markers.

Happy mapping and thanks to our community for all the support!!

Read what members of the 'Trouble-Free Map Maker' community have to say about it...


“We love the map maker. It saved us a ton of money and time and is just so easy to use that anyone can use it”.  Jacob P. LA. USA


“We’re finding more and more uses for the map maker every month and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.  There’s no easier way to mark your points on a map”.  Mark L.


“A great little product from a great little company. Some things are just better”. Pat C. Sydney Melbourne.


“We really push the trouble free map maker to its limit and are continually surprised when we can still get what we want out of it.  Ana gives the very best support that I’ve ever gotten from any company that I’ve worked with and we’ve been truly amazed at how quickly she responds to questions and that she always seems to know how to get our data into the system. Thanks Ana” Craig M. Mackay Qld.


“We used to have to mess around for ages trying to make the maps we need but now it’s become so simple that it’s funny what we used to do”.  Brian S. Oregon USA.


“I never leave feedback or comments on products but had to for this because the gomakeasplash team have been really helpful.  Their system is awesome and makes making maps a snap.  What’s better though is how the support team helped me modify my mapping data and automate my processes so it fed straight into their mapping program saving me at least 2 hours every day, messing around, copying and pasting data. Thanks so much guys”.  Lance T. San Francisco USA.


“This product is amazing.  I used to use another product that cost a packet to licence as was 10 times harder to use.  I would never turn back”. David V. Kentucky USA.


Click this 'Trouble-Free Map Maker' community link to read more of our feedback or share your own experience with the rest of the community by sending us an email at

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Search terms that may have bought you here: map maker, mapping, mapmaker, map generator, map creator, map marker, make a map, how to make a map, make your own map, map maker free, map making tools, free map maker, map makers, mapmakers, map creator free, mapmaking, interactive map maker, maps creator, mapsmaker, free map creator


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